The Perfect NJ Fall Wedding Venue

Plan a picture-perfect wedding with these wedding tips for fall.

NJ Fall Wedding Venue
Brides often think of summer as outdoor wedding season, but waiting until the fall to say “I do” can be just as romantic if not even more so. With a backdrop of colorful autumn leaves and pleasantly cool weather, fall is a wonderful time to plan a picture-perfect outdoor ceremony. To help you achieve this dream of a wedding, we've compiled some of the best advice for planning a fall wedding.

Tip #1 Plan for the weather

Guests probably won’t be sweating at a fall wedding, but they could start shivering if an unseasonable cold front rolls in. Make sure your guests are prepared for cool weather by keeping them updated about the forecast. You could also provide a basket of inexpensive shawls for those guests who forget to bring an extra layer.

Tip #2 Don’t forget the holidays

Many holidays that are celebrated in the fall can create scheduling conflicts for wedding guests. Be mindful of your guests’ holiday plans by doing careful research before booking your venue. In addition to holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, there are some religious holidays in the fall that should be kept in mind.

Tip #3 Choose fall flower arrangements

Many flowers will come into bloom just in time for your fall wedding, such as dahlias, asters and chrysanthemums. By keeping your floral arrangements in-season, you can save money and stay true to your wedding’s fall theme. If you want to get creative, you could even incorporate some fall fruits and vegetables into your fall wedding décor.

Tip #4 Pick the perfect venue

Choosing a venue that offers all-inclusive wedding packages can make planning the perfect fall wedding a breeze. With beautiful outdoor gardens, an elegant 20,000 square foot ballroom and excellent catering, The Wilshire Grand Hotel, NJ can serve as the perfect venue for your fall wedding. Visit our wedding page to read more about our lovely wedding packages.

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NJ Summer Wedding Venue

June brides: plan you day with the ideal NJ summer wedding venue.

Choosing a wedding date is one of the most important planning decisions that you'll have to make as a couple — it will impact every other aspect of your big day. You may have an idea of where you envision yourself walking down the aisle or what you want your cake to look like, but until you decide when you'd like to get married, you can't commit to anything.

The warmer months in New Jersey are often the most sought out when planning for a couple’s special day and for good reason – the weather can be beautiful!  

At The Wilshire Grand Hotel, NJ we know weddings and can help you plan the summer event of your dreams.  Our peaceful outdoor gardens are the perfect backdrop for ceremonies and receptions.  

NJ summer wedding venue
Come prepare for the festivities in our private bridal suites which include separate spaces for the Bridal and Groom’s party, refrigerator filled with soft drinks, juices and water, coffee maker and a safe to keep your belongings until the wedding.  

Summer wedding but indoor celebration?  From grand ballrooms to intimate settings, our event venues in NJ sparkle with elegance. Our Regency Room and Grand Ballroom offer a sophisticated setting. Whereas, our Tuscany Room and The Loft at 350 offer a unique layout that makes you forget you are in the suburbs.

We invite you to come and see what The Wilshire Grand has to offer as a NJ summer wedding venue. Recipient of the Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award 2014 and 2015 and Manhattan Bride’s Best of 2015! For more information, visit our website.

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Spring Wedding Ideas on a Budget!

Getting Hitched? There are plenty of ways to save. Check out these spring wedding ideas on a budget.


When planning a spring wedding, it’s easy to get carried away. It’s important to know when to splurge and when to save. If you are looking for inexpensive ways to celebrate your wedding, check out these spring wedding ideas on a budget.

Budget-friendly Wedding Ideas:

Lighting: For lighting, consider candles and christmas lights. Both are inexpensive ways to decorate your reception and will still add a touch of glam to your event. Decorating with candles and lanterns can also give the room that “wow” factor while minimizing the number of floral arrangements.

Favors: If you are having a small celebration and looking for ways to save, consider centerpieces in small tin pails that can also be used as wedding favors for each guest at the table. 

Have the ceremony and the reception at the same location: This will be an inexpensive way to celebrate because you will save money on transporting you and your guests and you can also save money on decorations.

If you are searching for the perfect NJ venue for your spring wedding, we offer over 20,000 sq. ft. of breathtaking ballroom space and outdoor space. You’ll love our exquisite outdoor gardens for your ceremony and our limitless ballroom space is ideal for any reception. Come plan a tour today and let our wedding concierge help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

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Planning a wedding this season? Check out these Winter Wedding Do’s and Don’ts!

Read these Winter Wedding Do’s and Don’ts and avoid a wedding disaster.


Even though the weather may be cold, winter weddings are becoming a hot trend. Avoid a wedding disaster and read up on these Winter Wedding Do’s and Don’ts.

With the help of, we’ve compiled a Winter Wedding Checklist:

Winter Wedding Tip #1: Create a cozy reception but make sure it’s not too hot. When planning a winter wedding, including candles, pillows and throws in the room will create a more inviting space and allow your guests to feel comfy in the frigid winter months. Keep in mind that your guests will be dancing so make sure the room isn’t too hot and if possible, keep the temperature a few degrees lower on the dance floor.

Winter Wedding Tip #2: Keep your bridesmaids stylish yet warm. agrees, it’s okay to choose any fabric you’d like when shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses in the winter just keep in mind that you don’t want them to freeze. Consider adding a pashmina or fur shawl to their outfit.

Winter Wedding Tip #3: Be kind to your guests but don’t leave them out in the cold. If you are looking for creative guest favors for your winter wedding, consider personalized ornaments or hot cocoa mix or cookie mix. Remember, it will most likely be chilly so plan ahead and hold your receiving line indoors.

For more winter wedding inspiration, visit the Do's and Don'ts of Winter Weddings on

If you are planning a winter wedding in NJ, we invite you to celebrate your wedding at the Wilshire Grand Hotel, NJ. Our wedding venue is located in West Orange, NJ.

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New Jersey Brides – Come take a tour of our Bridal Suite at the Wilshire Grand Hotel!

Planning a wedding in New Jersey? Brides, take a tour of our new spacious suites in West Orange.

Calling all New Jersey brides! Our new private bridal suites in West Orange, NJ are designed specifically with your bridal party in mind. We will provide all of the necessities for your special day. Come take a tour of our hotel with our new spacious bridal suites today.

New Jersey BridesOur bridal suites include:

  • Two Private rooms for Bride and Groom’s party
  • Both rooms equipped with chairs, mirrors, living room furniture and lighting
  • Separate reception area to relax before and during the wedding
  • Private bathroom
  • Refrigerator filled with soft drinks, juices and water
  • Coffee maker
  • Private safe to keep your belongings during the wedding

If you are planning a wedding in NJ and looking for the perfect venue, we hope you will check out our event space at the Wilshire Grand Hotel, NJ. For more information regarding our bridal suites, please call Travis at 973-731-7007.

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** Suites are only available to wedding parties that are having their weddings on premises.

Impress your Guests with these Winter Wedding Theme Ideas!

Planning a winter wedding? These winter wedding themes are sure to impress.

Winter Wedding Themes

Although many brides-to-be may overlook the winter months for their big day, we love a winter wedding and we’re here to give you inspiration for your special day. Check out these unique winter wedding themes and plan an event that will impress your guests.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite winter wedding ideas:

New Year’s Eve: Ring in the New Year with friends and family at your New Year’s Eve wedding celebration. For wedding favor inspiration, consider sparklers. If looking for the perfect wedding color combo for a New Year’s wedding, how about sticking with the classic colors of New Year’s such as gold, white and silver yet adding in one pop of color such as blue, which will really make a statement on a cake or centerpiece. 

White Wedding Theme: Deck the halls with dazzling white, ivory and creams for an elegant and classic effect. Let your bridesmaids shine in all white with winter white posies in their bouquets. For your reception, make a statement with candle centerpieces, white tablecloths and lights strung around the entire room.

A Ski Lodge Theme: Think an old ski lodge, with a twist. Consider warm colors such as red and orange to add a cozy effect, wooden chairs and tables and candles for a centerpiece.

For more inspiration, click here.

If you are planning your winter wedding in NJ and looking for venues, come take a tour of our venues at the Wilshire Grand Hotel, NJ. We would be happy to host the winter wedding of your dreams.

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Fall Wedding Inspiration – Planning an Autumn Wedding on a Budget!

Enjoy our guide to planning an autumn wedding on a budget!

Planning an Autumn Wedding on a Budget

If you’re planning a fall wedding and looking for the best ways to save money, you’ve come to the right place. At the Wilshire Grand Hotel, we understand how essential it is for our brides and grooms to stay on budget while planning the wedding of their dreams. With help from sites such as and, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite ways to save money on your wedding. We hope you’ll enjoy our wedding planning guide for “Planning an Autumn Wedding on a Budget!”

Easy Wheat Grass Centerpieces: We all know that centerpieces can get expensive. When planning an autumn wedding on a budget, there is a way to create that “wow factor” without spending a lot of money. According to, adding wheat grass to your décor is a nice way to bring a natural element to your event. Click here to learn more about the DIY fall centerpiece.

Dried Leaf Escort Cards: Featured on Once Wed, dried leaves are a beautiful, simple and inexpensive way to create escort cards for your wedding. suggests that you write each guest and their table number on a leaf with a calligraphy pen to beautifully display your cards for your guests.

Caramel Apples for Favors: featured caramel apples as one of their 10 Fall Wedding Favor Ideas. If you have the time, you can make and package them yourself and tie them with a ribbon to match your fall wedding colors.

Sunflower Seeds for Favors: Another wedding favor idea from is sunflower seeds. Display the packets individually or along fresh sunflowers in a vase. Sunflower seeds are ideal for a rustic fall wedding.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to planning an autumn wedding on a budget. If you are in our NJ area and searching for elegant event venues for your fall wedding, we invite you to take a tour of our wedding and event venues at the Wilshire Grand Hotel.

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Check out the Hottest Summer Wedding Trends!

The Hottest Summer Wedding Trends

Planning a summer wedding and looking for the hottest summer wedding trends? According to, think bold & bright!  Don’t be afraid to embrace vibrant colors. Here are a few of the hottest summer wedding trends for your big day:

Marigold and Pewter: Combine yellow and gray and surprise your guests with a gorgeous color combo.

Think Great Gatsby. According to the Huffington Post, brides are falling in love with the elegance of the Roaring Twenties. Picture white-gloved waiters, crystal candlesticks and gold-rimmed china. Don’t forget the big band!

Spice up your event a little by adding some heat to the menu. It has been noted that guests reach first for the spicy things on the menu.

Remember, flavor is driven by season. When choosing your cake, think lemon flavor for the summertime.

According to, one of the top wedding themes is rustic and natural with sophisticated, glam accents. Imagine a barnyard wedding with a hanging chandelier. This rustic glam theme is certainly one of the hottest summer wedding trends and can be shown by having branchy and green centerpieces with lush flowers and a pop of sparkle. Learn more here.

Unplugged weddings: While we all love social media, many brides are against it for their wedding. One of the upcoming trends for a wedding is an unplugged wedding where the bride and groom ask guests to refrain from taking photos or videos and just concentrate of having fun. It’s a nice touch to ensure everyone is living in the moment!

What are the hottest summer wedding trends that you’ve noticed? Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and colors.

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We’ve been selected as a 2014 New Jersey Bride Love It award winner!

New Jersey Bride

We are very happy to announce that The Wilshire Grand Hotel, NJ has recently been selected as a 2014 New Jersey Bride Love It award winner! We are so very honored to receive this accolade from New Jersey Bride, New Jersey’s premier bridal magazine.

The New Jersey Bride Love It Awards for 2014 feature companies in the bridal industry that New Jersey Bride finds instrumental in planning the perfect wedding. Our NJ hotel wedding and event venue has been featured as one of the best wedding hotel venues in NJ! Visit the New Jersey Bride website to learn more about the 2014 Love it Awards.

If you are searching for the top wedding venues in the Northern New Jersey area, we welcome you to contact one of our staff members to plan your tour of our hotel today. More information regarding our elegant ballrooms and intimate venues are available on our website.

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The Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid!

Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Getting hitched and not sure where to begin? We’ve listed the biggest wedding planning mistakes to avoid so you can create the perfect celebration. For many, planning a wedding may sound like a piece of wedding cake but for some, the entire wedding planning process can be overwhelming. Sometimes it’s better to start off with learning the biggest wedding planning mistakes to avoid before you start planning anything else. There’s many do’s and don’ts for planning a wedding, don’t fall victim to the biggest wedding planning blunders.

The biggest wedding planning mistakes to avoid:

#1 Planning and booking a venue before your guest list is finalized. Before you do anything else, you should sit down and create your guest list. If your parents are helping you pay for the wedding then it is important to have their input, as well. It is acceptable to have an A list and a B list of guests because it is highly unlikely that 100% of your guests on your A list will attend. Just make sure you have a very good idea of how many guests will be in attendance so you have a very clear idea of how much space you will need. Then you can begin searching for the wedding venue of your dreams.

#2 Having a cash bar. Sometimes when your spending a lot of money all at once, it may be tempting to try to cut corners but you shouldn’t expect your guests to have to pay for anything at your reception. Keep in mind that weddings are expensive for your wedding guests, as well. Let them enjoy an open bar and everyone will be happy. This is not the time to try to cut corners, which brings us to our next mistake…

#3 Trying to save money on the biggest and most important features of your wedding. Is your friend a great photographer? Is your cousin’s mom’s friend the perfect baker? Can you save money by making your own centerpieces for your wedding? There are certain areas where you can save money when planning your wedding but the wedding cake and photographer are not one of them. Do not try to save money by hiring an amateur baker or photographer for your big day. There is no doubt that you will regret it when you’re trying to reminisce with out-of-focus photos. Although a photographer can be pricey, it’ll be worth it in the end.

#4 Not staying within budget. You have your budget set and you are ready to begin planning! It’s very easy to get carried away especially when you’ve been sitting on Pinterest for hours. Make sure you know how to stay within budget when planning your wedding. Stay smart and don’t bite off more than you can chew. Budget accordingly. You do not need that added stress.

#5 Thinking you will save money with a backyard wedding. Backyard weddings are beautiful! We can picture the stringing lights and beautiful lanterns; the fall foliage and blowing leaves around your feet. While planning a backyard wedding may be your dream, keep in mind that it is not necessarily the cheaper option. When planning a wedding at a venue, they provide many extra features such as linens and caterers. When planning an outdoor wedding, you will have to cover these expenses.

We wish you the best of luck when planning your wedding and we hope you enjoyed these wedding planning tips and learned some of the biggest wedding planning mistakes to avoid. If you are planning a NJ wedding, we hope you’ll visit our website to view our elegant event venues in West Orange, NJ.

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