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Tips for Planning an Outdoor Party!

Tips for Planning an Outdoor Party

Spring is just around the corner. Once the weather starts to rise, the desire to plan an outdoor party begins to grow! We are all waiting for those warm and sunny days, which is why we’ve dedicated this blog post to tips for planning an outdoor party. Check out these tips for planning an outdoor party this spring or summer.

First, purchase a tent or covered area. There is also a chance that a rain shower may pop up during your party. While we hope that won’t be the case, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Purchase a tent and plan ahead. Even if it is clear skies, you’ll want to keep the food and drinks out of the shade and your older guests will appreciate a place to escape from the sun.

Seating: Always make sure there is enough seating for everyone to comfortably relax. While most will mingle, it is important to make sure your guests have the option to sit back and rest their feet. You can rent extra chairs or lay pretty quilts on the ground for a picnic-style party.

Lighting: If you’re planning a party in the afternoon than there is a good chance your guests may still be there once the sun goes down. Make sure you have enough lighting to ensure your guests aren’t left in the dark. You can string lights, use lanterns or even tea lights to create a nice atmosphere.

Keep the bugs away! Remember, mosquitoes breed in standing water so make sure all kiddie pools and rain gutters are clear prior to your event. Consider plugging in some fans or offer your guests bug wipes.

Keep the children entertained with kid-friendly activities, such as a sprinkler or slip ‘n’ slide depending on the size of the area. A great tip for keeping kids busy during a party includes buying inexpensive disposable cameras and letting them be the photographers for the day!

We hope you enjoyed these creative and helpful tips for planning an outdoor party. If looking for event venues in NJ, be sure to check out our elegant event space at The Wilshire Grand Hotel.

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