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Our Top Party Themes for your Sweet 16!

First: Take a deep breath and relax because your upcoming Sweet 16 party is going to be great. It’ll be one that your friends will talk about for years to come. Although it might seem overwhelming now, all of the endless planning and effort will be all worth it!

If you’ve just begun planning your ultimate sweet 16 party you may not have picked a theme yet. And when it comes to any party or momentous occasion, establishing a theme should be at the top, if not the first thing, of your list. Which is why we’ve decided to dedicate this week’s blog post to “Our Top Party Themes for your Sweet 16.”

When it comes to our top party themes for your Sweet 16, you may be familiar with none or all of them. But it is our hope that our list will inspire you to get your creative juices flowing and put the fun back into party planning! So, let’s take a look at some of the unique, party ideas that you can have for your Sweet 16.

  • Single Color Party Theme: Imagine a room decorated in all white or maybe, your favorite color. From the invitations to your guests’ attire to the centerpieces to the lighting, you can really make a party stand out by only using one color. You may already be familiar with an all-white themed party but have you thought about how different an all-pink or an all-blue party could be?
  • Winter Luau: Just because your birthday is in the winter, doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate like its summer! Use tropical-themed décor, palm trees and beach umbrellas to help warm up your guests from the chill outside.
  • Masquerade Ball: Hand out masks at the door for your friends to put on and have a ball with this unique party idea for your Sweet 16.
  • 60s, 70s or 80s Era Party: Travel back in time with your friends. You’ll be surprised to learn of how many great dance songs came from these eras!
  • Tiffany’s Theme: Are you familiar with the popular jewelry store Tiffany’s? The colors are Teal and White. Incorporating these signature colors, and breaking out your best pearls, can really make any party look sophisticated and elegant.

Of course, there are plenty of other themes out there such as Hollywood, Sports, Vintage, etc. The most important thing to ask yourself is what best suits your personality? After you figure this out, you’ll realize that establishing the best party theme for your Sweet 16 is a lot easier than you think!

You’re next step may be to find the perfect event venue to host your Sweet 16. If you’re in the NJ area, we welcome you to visit our Weddings & Events page on The Wilshire Grand Hotel website to learn about the event spaces we have available. We’re conveniently located in West Orange, NJ.

Until next week,
The Wilshire Grand Hotel


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