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5 Quick Tips for Planning your Wedding on a Budget!

Now that wedding season is fast approaching, we thought we’d dedicate this week’s blog to “Planning your Wedding on a Budget.” Did you know that determining your wedding budget should be at the very, very top of your wedding to-do list? Our wedding planners here in West Orange, NJ know how tempting it can be to start thinking about color schemes, bridal gowns and flowers, but before you start picking out your centerpieces it’s important to get a clear budget, especially if others are paying for the wedding.

Remember: Your dream wedding doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Here are 5 quick tips for planning your wedding on a budget:

1.) Choose your wedding date wisely: Did you know that the date and time of your wedding have a tremendous impact on how much things will cost? It’s no surprise that the most expensive months are in the summer. Opting for a winter or spring wedding can save you money. Another alternative is choosing to celebrate on a Friday or Sunday, as Saturday nights usually have the most expensive rates.

2. ) Make your Guest List then Check it Twice: Although your initial thought may be to have a grand wedding and invite everyone, try to reach a nice compromise of who should really be there to celebrate your big day.

3.) Serve a Signature Drink: When planning your wedding on a budget, don’t forget about the alcohol. Having an open bar may be a non-negotiable for a bride and groom but it can be expensive! How about serving a signature drink? It’s unique and it can be cost-effective.

4.) Cost-Effective Wedding Invitations: Wedding invitations can still look pretty without costing a fortune. Take the time to browse the Internet and Pinterest for inexpensive or do-it-yourself wedding invitations.

5.) Make sure you choose flowers that are in season!

Now that you’ve seen our list, take a second and think: Do you really need the ice sculpture? As a bride-to-be, it’s very easy to get carried away and veer off course when ideas of ice sculptures and photo booths start popping into your head. Take a deep breath and make a list of what’s most important for you and your fiancé.

If celebrating your wedding in NJ, take a moment to visit our Weddings & Events page on our website. Our wedding experts would be more than happy to help make your dream wedding a reality at our venue in West Orange, NJ!

Until next week,

The Wilshire Grand Hotel, NJ


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